In one of his poems, local writer Andrea Zanzotto used these words to celebrate one of the most beautiful hamlets stretched out on the Alta Marca Trevigiana hills – a rolling land of gentle slopes and steep inclines covered in lush, green woods and manicured vineyards, where the human presence over time has resulted in a series of country houses, mills, abbes and castles in perfect balance with the surrounding nature.

Our hills are also widely known to the public for Glera grapes, which provide the most treasured variety of wine: the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. Prosecco Superiore, a real gem of Italian winemaking. Only here, in an area formed of no more than 15 municipalities, Glera grapes can truly flourish and give their very best thanks to the peculiar features of the local terroir and our unique microclimate.

While nature plays a fundamental role in delivering high-quality ingredients, turning them into products of excellence also requires love and respect for the territory. Glerage shares the passion of local farmers for their lands and pursues this tradition while modernizing it, in order to protect and enhance the uniqueness of our hills.

About us

Glerage stems from the passion of three friends. In spite of their diverse professional backgrounds, they share one thing: a deep connection to their place of origin. 

 The innovation and quality of our products arouse curiosity and interest online and among the press.
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Mariavittoria has a real passion for nature, and lives on these green, lush hills. Her background as a fashion entrepreneur allowed her to nurture her innate creativity, remarkable dynamism and natural interpersonal skills, helping her to turn ideas and intuitions into business projects and activities.


Born and bred in this hilly region, Mirca has a deep-rooted connection to it. She combines a solid experience in the technical-administrative field with an interest in humanities. After obtaining a degree in Philosophy, she completed a Master’s Degree in Food and Wine Culture at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, allowing her to further understand the potential of her region.


Roberto is a multidisciplinary manager with several years of experience at a number of Treviso-based information technology companies, where he was in charge of production, services, innovation and marketing. He is a science and technology enthusiast, especially when applied to the benefit of people, their well-being as well as the territory’s well-being.


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